Standard Specification – “EcoSIPS” Panels

  • Panel Dimensions:
  • Modular Panel Standard Width 1.20m
  • Modular Panel Standard Heights 2.40m, 2.70m, 3.00 & 3.6m
  • Modular Panel Standard Thickness 104mm


  • Standard Panel Configuration:
  • Outer Skin – 6mm Recessed Edge Fibrocement Sheet
  • Inner Core – 92mm M-Grade EPS Expanded Polystyrene
  • Inner Skin – 6mm Recessed Edge Fibrocement Sheet
  • Laminated together by strict adherence to proprietary adhesive and pressing specifications


  • Features:
  • Each panel has three full length voids for electrical & wiring access.
  • R-Rating of Panel with M-Grade EPS is 2.66 [With this higher density & thickness of EPS]
  • Designed to handle Region D (Cat 2) Cyclonic Winds (88 m/s /~320kmh) [subject to final engineering including full system installation and comprehensive holistic review.]
  • 50 year life expectancy
  • Fire Resistance – tested to AS1530.3 – meets requirements for Residential Housing

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