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The “EcoSIPS” walling system” is an engineered and environmentally sustainable, structural insulated panel utilising a combination of new generation technology and lightweight materials to achieve an incomparable building system with the benefits of strength, cost effectiveness, quality and construction efficiency.

The “EcoSips” walling system is considered to be an alternative solution and as such, is required to meet the relevant performance provisions of the BCA. Having assessed all the documentation provided in support of the “EcoSips” walling system, we are of the opinion that the system meets the relevant performance requirements of the Building Code of Australia volume 2(2010). The “EcoSips” walling system is approved as a Panel Building System for cyclonic conditions, including Region D (Cat2)* additional engineering detail may be required to accommodate particular design criteria.” Richard Attiwell, MAIBS, BSc (Hons) Building Surveying, Dip. Building


Key Benefits:
The “EcoSips” panels are lightweight, weatherproof, highly impact resistant and designed to withstand earthquakes and cyclonic conditions. This modular system can be erected quickly and easily with minimal semi-skilled labour. Large scale projects can be manufactured to specification in state-of-the-art facilities and flat packed for transport faster and more economically than conventional building materials.

Versatile. The “EcoSips” walling system allows design freedom ensuring that superior housing can be provided in virtually any configuration.

On-site costs are considerably lower. There is minimal construction waste. Eliminates wet trades, Electrical and Plumbing can be completed very quickly. No need for expensive crane hire as the panels can be easily lifted into position. Reduced or nil costs for scaffolding. Noise pollution reduced significantly. Savings on shipping/ transportation costs.

Durable & easy to maintain. The outer skins are extremely durable. During manufacture the panels are laminated to the cellular thermoset core under pressure for superior bond strength. The finished product is highly robust and resilient to harsh weather conditions.

Green & energy efficient. The “EcoSips” panels have excellent thermal properties resulting in lower energy costs. This relates to lower carbon/greenhouse gas emissions.

“EcoSips” panels are suitable for:
• Residential Housing Project Developments
• Remote Indigenous Housing
• Relocatable Housing
• Mine Site Accommodation

Panel sizes:
“EcoSips” panels are pre-manufactured in the following three standards sizes:
• 1.2 m x 2.4 m
• 1.2 m x 2.7 m
• 1.2 m x 3.0 m

Custom lengths and specific job requirements such as window lintels are manufactured to specification.

External wall & roof finishes:
External finishes that are easily applied (but not limited to) include: – Cement rendering & textured coatings – Corrugated sheet metal, Colorbond – Brick, tiles, stone & limestone cladding – PVC & aluminium cladding – Timber & plywood, “EcoSips” panels accommodate all traditional roofing styles and materials.

Thermal specifications:
“EcoSips” panels fully comply with the Building Codes of Australia requirements for minimum R Values.

Fire resistance:
“EcoSips” panels have been tested to Australian Standard AS1530.3. The following indices were obtained:

Early Fire Hazard Indices (Lower values are better)
Ignitability Index 0
Spread of Flame Index 0
Heat Evolved Index 0
Smoke Developed Index 0

Life expectancy:
“EcoSips” panel design criteria meets a 50 year return period. In plain terms the structural integrity of a “EcoSips” panel remains unchanged in 50 years.

Resistance to termites:
The cellular foam core of the “EcoSIPS” panel can be fabricated with Perform Guard® termite resistant expanded polystyrene as required. In addition we recommend the installation of an approved termite management system conforming to BCA requirements. Perform Guard® is a registered trademark of AFM Corporation, USA.